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New Blog Theme, New Blog Host

I finally had some free time today so I did 2 things that I’ve been meaning to do for awhile:

1. Update the theme

2. Move the blog to Azure

I was previously using Bluehost but grew tired of their increasing fees. As part of my MSDN subscription (details), I get 750 hours of Small Compute Instance hours per month (which is essentially the whole month) for free so I figured why not make the switch?

The process was very straightforward. Here’s the article I used to make the switch: There’s also a built-in WordPress plugin that will allow you to export all your content (excpet for themes and plugins) from your old into your new site.

I think the total time was < 2 hours, which I think is very reasonable. If you have any comments/suggestions, feel free to add them below.


Enabling performance monitoring on multiple Windows servers

Here’s a great method to enable performance monitoring on any number of Windows Servers. Very handy for a SharePoint Farm!

Article: link

Link to files: link

So it’s been awhile…

I just realized it’s been over a year since I last posted.  Needless to say, I’ve been busy. 🙂  I hope to be more active again in the future.  Stay tuned.

Disable SharePoint Email Notifications

Here’s a nice Powershell script to disable all notification emails in SharePoint 2010:

As an added bonus, you can also disable all notifications from Newsgator as well.

SharePoint 2010 Multi Tenancy

Here’s a good series of articles about a really cool new feature of SharePoint 2010:

Great C# Command Line Argument Parser

Something that should be built into .Net to begin with:

Awesome SharePoint Webpart Exception handling

This is epic.  Check out this exception handling base class for SharePoint webparts:

No more wrapping try/catch blocks in every single webpart in your project.  I love it!

SharePoint Page Layouts – extra markup added

Ran into an issue where a page layout that was being deployed as a feature was throwing an error when trying to create a new page: “Only Content controls are allowed directly in a content page that contains Content controls.” I looked at the layout in the solution file and it there was nothing but Content controls. However, when I went to the server I saw a bunch of extra markup added to the end of the file. Apparently, your content tags must have the word “Content” capitalized or SharePoint assumes it just a plain .aspx page. Thanks goes to the link below for providing the solution.–part-3.aspx

How to: Find SharePoint’s Database server and instance

Here’s an easy way to get the server and instance name of the database server your SharePoint server is using. It’s very useful for constructing connection strings on the fly (hint, hint).

public string FindSPSQLServerName()
     String sServerName = "";
     SPWebService service = SPFarm.Local.Services.GetValue();

     SPDatabaseServiceInstance s = service.DefaultDatabaseInstance;
     sServerName = s.Server.DisplayName + "\" + s.Instance;
     return sServerName;

SharePoint 2010 Install Links

Here are some links that have been useful during the SharePoint 2010 installs that I’ve done so far:

I’ll add more as I come across them.

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