SharePoint 2010 – Page Layouts getting deployed as “customized”

This is getting filed under the truly bizarre category.

I’m working on deploying a masterpage and a page layout as part of a solution package for my current client.  I finished designing both files and have added them to my solution.  I verified that neither had any of the “extra” markup that SharePoint Designer adds when you create files.  I deployed the solution to my environment and everything worked as expected.

I then needed to make a change to the page layout.  So, I made the change in the solution and re-deployed the .wsp only to find that my page layout didn’t get updated.  I opened up SPD to find that my page layout was marked as “customized”!  I checked all of the usual gotchas with regards to this issue (search Google) and even tried to “Revert to Site Definition”.  Nothing worked.

I then noticed that Visual Studio had made all of my “<asp:Content>” tags lowercase (<asp:content>).  Surely that couldn’t be the issue, right?  Wrong.  I changed them back to “<asp:Content>” and everything worked as expected.

I guess I should have known better since I’ve had this issue in the past with SharePoint 2007 (  However, I at least got an error message with that issue.

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  1. Matt Huber:

    Thats funny…I encountered the same exact issue at my last client. It was SOO bizzare. Pulled the remaining hair out of my head to solve the issue!

  2. Seo Katalog stron:

    I want to thank you for these notes. They are very useful. Keep it going!