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SharePoint 2010 – Page Layouts getting deployed as “customized”

This is getting filed under the truly bizarre category.

I’m working on deploying a masterpage and a page layout as part of a solution package for my current client.  I finished designing both files and have added them to my solution.  I verified that neither had any of the “extra” markup that SharePoint Designer adds when you create files.  I deployed the solution to my environment and everything worked as expected.

I then needed to make a change to the page layout.  So, I made the change in the solution and re-deployed the .wsp only to find that my page layout didn’t get updated.  I opened up SPD to find that my page layout was marked as “customized”!  I checked all of the usual gotchas with regards to this issue (search Google) and even tried to “Revert to Site Definition”.  Nothing worked.

I then noticed that Visual Studio had made all of my “<asp:Content>” tags lowercase (<asp:content>).  Surely that couldn’t be the issue, right?  Wrong.  I changed them back to “<asp:Content>” and everything worked as expected.

I guess I should have known better since I’ve had this issue in the past with SharePoint 2007 (  However, I at least got an error message with that issue.

SharePoint 2010 Multi Tenancy

Here’s a good series of articles about a really cool new feature of SharePoint 2010:

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