Sharepoint 2003 to 2007 Upgrade thoughts

I just completed a medium sized upgrade (83GB) for a client from Sharepoint 2003 to 2007 and thought I’d share a few things I took away from it:

  • You’re probably going to need to create a new Site Definition to map to the old one if the old one is customized at all
  • Set expectations with users upfront that while most of the things on the site will work correctly, there will be some issues (hopefully minor) that will have to be resolved post-upgrade.  For some reason, on the site I upgraded parts of the site were upgraded flawlessly while other parts had issues.
  • Perform the migration at least once in a dev environment and let users perform UAT.  Make sure you document their issues and how you fixed them.  This document proved invaluable once we did the production migration.
  • The database upgrade option is by far the safest and is recommended.

Some helpful links: <– This was, by far, the most useful