LINQ to XML subquery

I didn’t find a clear example online about how to do a subquery of an element, so I thought I would share.

First, here’s the XML I’m reading:

<response> <name>Test</name> <states> <state>OH</state> <state>MI</state> </states> </response>

I want to use LINQ to parse through the responses and create new objects for each one of them.  The object I created to hold the info is below:

[Serializable()] public class User { public string userName { get; set; }a public List states { get; set; } public User(string UserName,List States) { userName = UserName; states = States; } }

I was at a loss at how to get the state elements into my “States” list. Here’s the query I ended up using:

var responses = from response in loginResult.Descendants("response") select new { authenticationToken = response.Element("authentication_token").Value, states = (from st in response.Descendants("states").Elements() select st.Value).ToList(), };

It was obvious after I got it and I probably should have been able to figure it out quicker, but such as life when learning something new.

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