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I finally did it. After years of dual-booting various flavors of Linux, I’ve made the leap to using Ubuntu Linux as the primary OS on my home computer.

I’ve been saying for years that Linux’s biggest flaw is it’s dreadful configuration tools and lack of documentation. I can remember spending a whole week trying to get my wireless card set up in Mandrake only to give up and remove it from my system (and I’m an IT guy!).  Previous version of Ubuntu weren’t much better, either.  While they provided more configuration options, it still wasn’t as easy as setting up a Windows installation.

However, in my opinion, Ubuntu 7.10 is the closest any version of Linux has ever come to being an actual Windows desktop replacement.  I can actually configure and use it without pulling my hair out.  I even got the super cool Compiz Fusion effects to work without too much trouble.

There are a few things that still need to be ironed out (I still had to manually install ndiswrapper and install wireless drivers from a CD) but overall, I believe that Linux on the desktop is finally starting to become a reality.

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